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Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Presented by Florida State University Program for Instructional Excellence

Sponsored annually by the Florida State University’s Graduate School, these awards recognize outstanding graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) for their distinguished contributions to student learning through excellence in instruction. In 2017, six winners were selected from 128 nominees. 

Comments from Review Committee: 

"When I began my undergraduate degree, I was a musical theatre major. I loved my professors; however, upon reading this portfolio, I wish I could have taken one of your courses! The amount of time and research that you put into creating an engaging and informative learning environment are evident in all of the positions that are outlined, here. Not only do you include specific examples of projects and activities, but you demonstrate how student needs and feedback directly guide the creation of such assessments. Furthermore, your professional involvement and literary knowledge are integrated into your student interactions in current and stimulating ways (such as the use of social media and compiling reading lists with recent publications for your courses). Keep up the good work!"

"I like how you maximize your connections and local resources to engage students: Skype, streaming video, field trips, social media. Your portfolio demonstrates a commitment to ever-improving teaching strategies. You also retain the trust and flexibility to design and improve courses."